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To the new Miss England…

“To my wonderful successor Elizabeth Grant congratulations on such an incredible achievement and proving you are truly beautiful inside and out. Enjoy every second, take every opportunity that presents itself and be true to yourself! You will be a fantastic Miss England ?

Miss England has been the biggest achievement of my life; it has opened many doors and presented me with opportunities that I have always dreamed of. The title is such a huge responsibility and I feel honoured that I got to fulfil that responsibility and role this year.

I have met some amazing and inspirational people from the many places and countries I have visited. One of my treasured memories is washing an elephant is Sri Lanka. I have made great friends and gained so much confidence, which is what I strived to achieve when I first competed in Miss Cheshire.

Having the chance to represent my country on the Miss World stage was a once in a lifetime experience and one that I was so lucky to achieve. Not only did I have the opportunity to attend but making it as far as a talent finalist is a dream come true, as singing is my passion.

Thank you to my dress Sponsor @moncherieurope who awarded me with a wardrobe of fabulous dresses, dressed me for Miss World and have even dressed me tonight. Thank you to @Pierrereneprofessional who have supplied me with my favourite products keeping me photo ready for my year as Miss England. Thank you Andrew Shaun Minarik for helping me countless times with my hair and thank you to my hair sponsors Balm Colin Laphan.

Thankyou Mark Jones for believing in me. I feel honoured to be your first Miss England and you helped develop me into the person I am today. Thank you to family who have been unbelievably supportive, driving me around, helping me to organise everything and pushing me out of my comfort zones. You have been amazing, you have always believed in me and I will never forget all of your support. Thank you Donna Chambers andGlenn Chambers for all your support and generosity I couldnt have done it without you. Last of all I would like to thank Angie Beasley who has become a great friend to me this year. I believe in everything you strive to achieve with your brand and I am so grateful for the opportunities you have given me. I don’t know how to thank you for this life changing experience.”


Natasha Hemmings, Miss England.