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Miss Cheshire’s Response to Journalist Rowan Pelling

Beauty Pageants and the Press – The Love Hate Relationship


As we prepare to celebrate the best of Britain and decide who has all the qualities required to hold the prestigious title “Miss England” the occasional negative report still manages to surface from the press about the competition.


A journalist of a well known tabloid was either ill-informed or had no journalistic integrity when she went to press with an article that lacked substance or fact. As not a single interview was held and it is clear from the publication that no research was done it raises questions as to why individuals should be allowed to hold positions of influence and trust when they are incapable of reporting accurately and only aspire to leave their opinions imprinted on the unsuspecting public.


What the journalist failed to report was that Miss England today is about the modern woman; an academic or a woman with ambition, talent, good health and fitness, charitable and eloquent and there are many stages in the competition where each one of these facets is bought into question. The selection for the next ‘Miss England’ is made from the regional winners and the judges are precise in their expectations of the qualities required to represent our great nation.


The Miss England catwalk has such diversity of size, talent and ambition. Our current Ambassador ‘Carina Tyrell’ is a Cambridge graduate and a Doctor, she is also an incredible humanitarian and as a finalist I hope to be able to continue the important work she has been doing.


Miss England is the pinnacle of the competition and allows the contestants to showcase their talents and abilities. With at least two of the girls from the Country’s leading Russell Group Universities and World ranking Conservatoire, England really has got a lot to offer.


I have always found the local and national press to be representative of the competition and an advocate of the people. So it is was disappointing to find that my love for freedom of speech was turned sour with a falsehood.


With the Finals fast approaching on 13th and 14th August at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry all the contestants are busy fulfilling their charity commitments and local community work. Such a damming publication in the press does nothing but dampen the spirits of those aspiring to represent the nation whilst they continue to work hard in the local communities. Such a degrading article suggesting women are in the competition to further advance their marriage prospects is ridiculous and insulting.


As Miss Cheshire, I understand that it is important to be a good Ambassador for the County and do all I can to raise awareness for the area. One particular journalist may think it is the responsibility of the local MP to fulfill this role but I was very pleased to receive a congratulatory note from mine and I hope we can work together to do all we can in the local community.


All the contestants are busy in their respective constituents and as Miss Cheshire it is my responsibility to get involved in what is happening in my County. Therefore, I am scheduled to visit the local care homes and meet those people who have made such a contribution to our community, I will be flower arranging at one and having afternoon tea and a pamper session at another. I have opened the local schools summer fair, I am scheduled to attend the Nantwich fair which is important for commerce. The general public love the interaction and I have not yet met anyone negative, the public I speak to are lovely and caring people and it makes me extremely proud to be British. If Miss England is outdated as suggested in a recent article then who would fill this role?


On 21st and 22nd July I will be walking through Staffordshire and Cheshire on the WAC Walk with Calum Mayers, an astonishing young man who has received charity all his life for his disability. He was recognized by Prince Harry and was the winner of ‘Harry’s Little Heroes’ . He wants to give back to the charities who have helped him and is travelling 162 miles which will be incredibly difficult. I will be with him through my home county Cheshire and it will be my absolute pleasure.


The regional competition is important to champion deserving causes in the community and all the girls who competed in the Miss Cheshire made a difference and raised money, although they did not win the title this year they still incredible women who should be celebrated and it was an honour to share the stage with them.


As for many girls the competition was a natural culmination of all that I have done previously. It seemed a natural progression to me as I wanted to make a difference and this title helps you to do that. I have always been community spirited and participated in the local dance and talent shows. I have attended the primary schools with a team of volunteers to encourage children (especially girls) to consider science as a career and in secondary education as girls rarely take science further, we did this by going into schools and performing simple experiments. Without community champions and Ambassadors it would be a dull world.


The Miss England title requires much more and only a dedicated individual can fulfill such a role. The leap from community to representing the nation is huge but rewarding to see where the charity is spent, to visit suffering countries and give aid, support and hope and attend events for England on the world stage.


If you are interested in the truth please read the profiles on each of the girls and the accurately reported press coverage. If you would like a say in who should represent the nation with such an important task then please see the voting page on the Miss England finalists page. Please England have your say….


I offer a personal plea to Rowan Pelling that she obtain all the facts and retract her statements. Rather than ridicule these brilliant and outstanding individuals who are at the heart and sole of our community, great humanitarians and ambassadors I would simply ask that she has the humility to retract her statements and join us in celebration of these truly amazing ladies who are most deserving of their titles.