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Miss Cheshire’s Photo Shoot with Andy Bristow

I was absolutely delighted to win the Miss Cheshire title and as part of the prize I booked a model shoot with Andy Bristow. He is known to all the girls as an amazing photographer and he has pedigree with the competition having photographed so many beautiful girls and of course winners.





On the day of the shoot I was nervous, my tummy was a little unsettled and the bikini shoot was on my mind as for the Miss England finals you need to have a full portfolio of photographs to show all facets.

A venue to make a song and dance about

Firstly, when Andy arrived he was so nice and put me completely at ease and whilst he was busy setting up I had time to prepare.
The photo shoot was at the beautiful Crewe Hall and it is such a stunning venue we just could not decide which rooms to use as everyone was filled with character. We eventually decided on the great hall which was perfect, the piano room and the balcony to the chapel.






Andy was a true professional and the first couple of photographs probably looked a bit tense from me but he soon got me to relax and then the artistic element just seemed to flow, I could pose more naturally and Andy who is such a perfectionist could move my hair or clothing if it had gone astray and was affecting the shot.

Whilst in the great hall there was a funny shape and light in one of the antique chairs and we couldn’t quite work out what it was but I must say I was glad when we moved on from that area as it is an old building so who knows what was happening…spooky!


Hit me with your best shot!

From the great hall we went to the piano and those are my favourite shots, I love music and an evening at the piano is so fitting.





Finally we finished off at Crewe Hall on the balcony to the chapel, the room is full of light and stunning stained glass windows.

The photographs from Andy at Crewe Hall are professional, elegant and timeless and that is really down to Andy setting the scene, creating the mood and being such a perfectionist. The images are of the highest quality.

Sunshine, bubbles and ducks!

From the Hall we were really pressed for time as we wanted some outdoor shots and we moved to the Wychwood Park venue with its beautiful lakes and of course golf if you play!






It was time for the bikini shots. I was surprised to find that my nerves had gone, I had relaxed and I completely trusted Andy that the shots would be tasteful and honest. I was able to get straight into pose but there was a bit of wind on occasion and the ducks on the lake kept coming into the shots so it must have been difficult for Andy but he never said anything and just got on with the shoot. He is a true professional.

Finally, I had some shots in the hot tub and it was fun to have bubbles in the tub and in my glass (wine)!






The photographs from the lake and hot tub are absolutely great and look effortless.

A portfolio fit for Miss Cheshire 2015

For a model photoshoot Andy Bristow is amazing, you know that you will end up with the quality shots for your portfolio and that is all that really matters. The fact that he is lovely and great person to know is just another little bonus.






That was my first meeting and I hope to be working with him again.


You can find out more about Andy’s work and book him here

Thank you Andy! Xxxxx

Natasha Hemmings – Miss Cheshire 2015