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Miss Cheshire’s Frozen Frenzy Fundraising Event for Variety the Children’s Charity.

With the Frozen sound track playing in the background, the girl guiding unit I volunteer at each week, made up of thirty 7-10 year old brownies, danced and sang their hearts out at the Miss Cheshire Frozen Frenzy Fundraising Event recently. 


I’d put it out to a Social Media Vote to see whether people thought that I should dress as Elsa or Anna for my Event. The results were in………….


Miss Cheshire's Anna or Elsa Vote

Sorry to disappoint, despite the majority vote deciding that I would make a better Elsa, I had to go with my heart.


Since Anna and I share too many similarities: being goofy, have beautiful and talented big sisters and both love stuffing chocolate in our faces, I couldn’t deny the ginger wig and green dress.


Miss Cheshire Anna and her big Sister Elsa


But throwing on a costume meant so much more than dressing up. It meant a group of girls got to enjoy themselves to the benefit of Variety Children’s Charity.

They took part in Frozen Statues, Musical Trolls, Magical Corners, a Frozen Feast, Pin the Carrot on the Snowman and the party game favourite, Pass The Parcel.


Miss Cheshire's Pin the Carrot on the Snowman


Miss Cheshire's Snowman Results



Thank you to Girlguiding for allowing me the opportunity to host such spectacular events.


Thank you to my super star big sis with the voice to star as Elsa on the West End I’m sure!


And thank you to the Miss England Contest for giving me the confidence to carry out life changing projects. For you see, £30 might not sound like that much, but it’s taken me just below £3000 raised for Variety, the Children’s Charity since April, which I never knew would be possible. 


Have a wonderful weekend!


Love Ruth – Miss Cheshire xx


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Miss Cheshire Frozen Frenzy Winners



Miss Cheshire nears the £3000 mark raised for Variety the Children's Charity