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Miss Cheshire’s Charity Care-a-thon

Hi Everyone,


After being inspired from the Miss England’s Crown Charity Challenge supporting Age UK, I decided to organise something myself in support of the elderly. I organised a sponsored care-a-thon and dedicated a day to visit as many Care Homes as possible and spend some quality time with the residence doing nail painting, flower arranging and even to just sing to them and make them smile.


I could not have anticipated how welcoming and warm the staff all were!



They were so excited that I was attending and my name was on the activities board. Upon arrival they gave me a guided tour around each area of the home and ran through the weekly activities planned for the residences. They had all really been looking forward to my visit.


Of course, I went to meet a few of the residence who prefer their private space and don’t tend to venture out of their rooms much, to see them smile and indulge in conversations of past memories or of grandchildren, it absolutely made my day and I knew I had made a difference.


I started of at Hollymere House in Haslington and finished at Wrenbury Care Home in Nantwich. The staff had prepared a room to imitate a salon environment and it was beautiful, there were a group of ladies all ready for the pamper session when I arrived and we had tea and a chat whilst we were beautifying ourselves.


When they asked me to sing, I did and the reaction was not what I expected as they cried and not just a solitary tear but buckets of tears, it obviously meant so much.




It was the most wonderful experience for me and I know they absolutely loved it. I met a previous Miss Butlin’s and she delighted in telling me what happened when she was in the pageant and that bikinis had not yet come out so she had worn a costume for the bathing round as she walked around the pool at Butlin’s. She asked if the Dairy Queen’s were still around and I had just attended the Nantwich Show that week and had met 3 Dairy Queen’s so I was able to confirm to her that yes they were. It brought back treasured memories.


My visit and such simple activities brought immense joy to their everyday lives in the home.

When I was leaving they asked if I would pop back at Christmas to sing to them and of course I will.




I was truly touched when they presented a bouquet of Flowers and a thank you card and wished me luck in the competition.

All the care homes were special and full of characters and amazing people.


I would implore anyone to give up their time even if only for an hour to visit their local care homes to spread some of the joy which is so easily given but precious to come by! It really does make such a difference. Thank-you to Hollymere House, Primrose House, Claredon Court and Wrenbury Care Home for allowing me to visit; I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Thank-you for reading my blog and continuing to support me.

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