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Miss Cheshire’s Billion Dollar Smile

Miss Cheshire’s Billion Dollar Smile 


billion dollar smile


Not only am I delighted with my brilliant bright white teeth thanks to Billion Dollar, I have just found out that I have been shortlisted in the top 15 for this round of the competition. I am so excited and I genuinely cannot stop smiling.


Miss England is a fantastic opportunity to reach people and touch their hearts. To share the journey and experiences and to represent the nation at the Miss World finals, looking a billion dollars and with the matching smile.


When you smile, the World smiles back.


I take my smile everywhere and I never leave home without it and that would be my promotion for Billion Dollar Smile. Whether I am at home, having a weekend break or travelling long haul, the billion dollar kit will always be with me. Its application is so simple, quick and easy and therefore you can have a stunning smile anywhere and within minutes.


If your simply meeting friends or attending an important event, you are not dressed without your smile and with Billion Dollar you are always photo ready. My Billion Dollar kit will be photographed as we move around as it is part of my staple cosmetic pack and I will share the pictures through the social media.


Billion Dollar Smile should be an essential part of everyone’s beauty regime (male or female) and it’s now a staple in my cosmetic routine. In fact, I had a short stay in Puerto Banus a few weeks ago and I knew I could rely on Billion Dollar to have the brightest smile and look my best.


natasha boat


The Miss England title allows you to raise the smiles of the nation from the kind deeds we encourage, as that is the true essence of the role.


I would therefore share the Miss England journey, experiences and memories to keep people engaged. I would encourage them to share with us their smiles especially when they needed that extra bright white smile for an event.


Pictures speak louder than words and smiling is infectious, so I would encourage everyone to engage and feel special and beautiful as they share their journey, laughter and joy whilst spreading the love for Billion Dollar.


Smiles are free so let’s share them. Lets all share our funniest and special moments when our smiles are at their biggest and brightest, its heart warming and infectious and above all it feels so good.


To smile with confidence use Billion Dollar Smile.

natasha teeth


It would be great to do a billion smiles campaign to see if we could share a billion photos smiling!


To find out more follow me on Twitter @Misscheshire15 add me on instagram: Natashahemmings123 and you can also find me on Facebook, Natasha Hemmings xxx