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Miss Cheshire Wheelchair Walks for Charity

Hello again,

Please take the time to read about my fabulous but tiring Journey with Calum and his family for the Wheelchair Awareness Challenge!


A True Inspiration

It sometimes takes a special person to motivate us to do something extraordinary or to find that inner quality and there is nothing better than the warm feeling you get when you know you have made a contribution or donated to a worthy cause.


I have walked for three days with a truly inspirational person ‘Calum Mayes’, he was the winner of the ‘inspirational young person’ at the Wellchild awards and received his award from Prince Harry.


He challenged himself to travel 162 miles across the country to raise money to give something back to those charities who have supported him his entire life.


It was my absolute privilege to walk with him and do all I can to raise awareness to this most deserving cause ‘WAC walk’.


It was a challenge indeed and very difficult for Calum but he turned up every morning with a smile; he and his supportive family are truly committed to this cause.


Blisters and Sore Feet

After walking for 22 miles on the WAC challenge I had rather a few blisters. Another 2 days of walking and a further 32 miles have made my feet incredibly sore. Thank goodness for compeed plasters.


natasha group


I found the walk shattering but the company was so uplifting it made the long days much shorter. I also want to acknowledge that those travelling with Calum are so determined, and continued to march on every day even with their sores, aches and pains. I send you my love, you are all fabulous.


Calum you are the most challenging young man I have ever met, you have no limits, clearly. Keep astonishing us!


Making Friends

Once you have spent a bit of time with Calum you realise he is great fun and brightens your day. His family are absolutely lovely and you can see why they would embark on such a big challenge and its because there is absolute unity, love and affection and it’s lovely to see. Everyone is fully supportive.


On the walk the lovely Stephanie Wood, Miss Staffordshire joined us and it was great to meet her, we will be staying in touch and hopefully meeting up again soon.


I enjoyed meeting everyone. I know I have made special friends and I wish them luck completing the WAC walk.

natasha walking


The WAC Challenge is travelling from Leicester to Blackpool through all our well known Towns and Cities; Loughborough, Nottingham, Derby, Stoke, Holmes Chappel, Warrington, Wigan, Chorley Preston, Lytham St Anne, Blackpool.


The Finish Line

I thoroughly enjoyed walking the last day in Blackpool when Calum, his family and I all crossed the finishing line! It was a very proud moment and a privilege to share it with his friends and family.



It’s not too late to donate. If you are inspired please email

The money will be going to :

Wishes4Kids (Leicester)

Heart Link (Leicester)

Donna Louise Trust (Stoke)

Derian House (Chorley)

Trinity/Brian House (Blackpool)