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Miss England - Natasha Hemmings

Miss England’s positive message to you!

It seems like only yesterday that I was crowned Miss Cheshire and began preparing for the Miss England Finals. The time has flown and I can’t believe that I have been given the chance to compete in the Miss World Finals in Sanya!


Preparing for Miss World is an amazing experience and has given me the chance to inspire others, meet amazing people and make a change in society. As Miss England I encourage you to aim high with your dreams and dedicate some time in your busy schedule to support a cause. Charity is not just about giving money, we can be charitable with our time and our efforts to make a difference in someone’s life.



Through helping others I have learned more about myself than through any other experience, and I promise you that the fulfilment you’ll receive is greater than any other reward.


The most important lesson the Miss England journey has taught me, is that the key to happiness and success in anything you do is to remain true yourself. You will never shine in the sun whilst trying to live in someone else’s shadow. Remember that what makes you unique is your power for greatness.


I look forward to sharing with you the charity projects I have been working on for Beauty with a Purpose! Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity for you to learn something else about yourself, don’t miss out.


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