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Miss Cheshire’s fitness routine!

Miss Cheshire - Leanne Carroll

Photograph by Andy Bristow. 🙂

For the past few months I have been out of my normal routine of going to the gym and training but I’m back to it this week and I’m hoping I’m going to stick to it with Christmas only being round the corner!

I really believe that we should look after our bodies and take care of ourselves whenever we can. I like to think of a car; the engine would seize if you didn’t put oil in it and you wouldn’t go anywhere if you didn’t put fuel in it! We have to eat, drink and exercise for our bodies to work and function properly.

I am awful when it comes to sweet food though as I love anything that I shouldn’t like chocolate and cake! I do still eat the things that I enjoy but I just try and cut down the days that I have them which is normally at a weekend where I not only have one cheat day but I have two!

When working out I think it’s good to combine cardio and weight training. Normally I try and mix up my gym sessions so that I don’t get bored of the same program. I always start with cardio, which normally includes:

• Cross trainer
• Treadmill
• Rowing machine
• Gliding machine

I would then move onto weights targeting areas such as:

• Chest
• Triceps
• Hamstrings
• Calves
• Stomach

I also like to do quick fire routines that really get your heart going. At the moment I’m doing 3x sets of:

• 20x crunches
• 20x burpees
• 20x press ups

I’m always open to trying new things so if anyone has any programs they suggest then please let me know! 

With Love, Leanne – Miss Cheshire xx