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A little bit about Natasha – Miss Cheshire 2015.

So, I’ve done my first ever blog and you know what happened.


It is time for introductions ….. I will keep it brief. I am 19 years old, a passionate performer and singer and I was classically trained at the Royal Junior Northern College of Music for which I am most grateful as it is absolutely fab. I love reading and I am studying English Literature at the University of Nottingham.


I am confident and believe in challenging myself everyday to new experiences. Like everyone I have had some experiences that left me a little down but all I can say is ‘that is life’. Keep your motivation and challenge yourself as life is also amazing. So go on, challenge yourself to something new and be happy.


I mentioned on my last blog about Variety, The Children’s Charity. To raise money and awareness and for my contribution I held an etiquette day. The day was to promote self-confidence and to feel comfortable in any situation or social circle. It was also about perception and how people feel about themselves, everyone told me they thoroughly enjoyed the day and left feeling happier about themselves. So I really felt like I had made a difference to people’s lives and the charity. It is a good feeling.


Miss Cheshire - Natasha Hemmings

This is from the Etiquette Day I organised.


Don’t forget you can read my blogs here and I am also on twitter natashahemmings@misscheshire15 or you can catch me on Facebook!


Thanks for reading!


Natasha – Miss Cheshire 2015.